Rawlins Family Links

A website run by and for the descendants of James Mason Rawlins, our great, great, great, great, great grandfather.
The General John Aaron Rawlins site
General Rawlins was an aide to General U. S. Grant during the War between the States, served as the Secretary of War, and was probably the most famous Rawlins. After some investigation, I have determined that Tom and I are not related to him.
John Aaron Rawlins
Here is another page dedicated to General Rawlins, run by Arlington National Cemetary.
Descendants of James Rawlins
A page about the descendants of another James Rawlins who came over to the new world from England about a century earlier than the James Rawlins that Tom and I descend from. From looking at the site, they do know how to spell their name correctly, they just don't for some reason.

If you know of any other Rawlins family websites, please email the URL to me at del@rawlinsbrothers.org. Thanks.

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