2001 Jeep Wrangler (TJ) Sport

Semi-current picture of the MGeep

This webpage is dedicated to my '01 TJ Sport, the MGeep. I ordered it in black to match my '59 MGA roadster, which accounts for the goofy name. There isn't anything more fun than driving the old MG around with the top down on a nice summer day, except a low slung sports car is pretty much limited to pavement use only. The MGeep does not have this limitation. 8^)

Jeeps are typically undergoing constant modification, and the MGeep is no exception. My logbook shows that I made the first (admittedly minor interior) mods with a grand total of 29 miles on the odometer. A weeklong roadtrip home up the Alaska highway intervened, but I was right back at it the next day, installing a better set of tires. As work progresses, I may be adding pictures and comments concerning some of the more major modifications below:

Current Mods/Additions:

Possible future mods:

CB radio
Even more offroad armor (steering box, radiator skids)
More powerful backup light
Engine driven, onboard air compressor
Mobi-Weld onboard welder (I can dream, right?)

Various Jeep Pictures
Brand new MGeep, right after picking it up in Seattle.
1 week old, mud covered MGeep, Cassiar highway, Canada. It got muddier but it was too dark for picture taking when we stopped for the night.
Driving a rental Jeep in the rain on Maui with the top down.
Mgeep at the top of a logged hill, with Sheridan glacier in the background.
At the start of the "rock alley" near the end of John Gorsch (not sure how it is spelled) road. I didn't go any farther out of unwillingness to subject my 3 week old, underequipped Jeep to the high likelyhood of body and/or undercarriage damage.
To people who know the area, this low quality picture is proof that I have successfully traversed the rock alley and the mudflat immediately after it. The Jeep walked right over the rocks, though I did drag my gas tank skid in a couple of places.
Here is the Jeep in max load configuration. Just another load of stuff in the long process of moving from Cordova to Anchor Town. I don't get much over 50mph with this setup, and only that fast when the road is straight, wide, and smooth!

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